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Finally... A Book That Talks About The Real Reason We Struggle To Get (And Stay)  Healthy: Habits.

A year ago, I was frustrated by the fact that every diet and health book on the market said the same thing: change the food you eat.

But virtually no book addressed the underlying reason we struggle to make that a reality: How the heck do I do this as a busy human being or parent?

In other words, none of the books really addressed HOW to be successful - which is by changing tiny habits. Master The Day is all about how simple, tiny, counterintuitive habits produce HUGE results in your health (and life).


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  • A 45 minute interview with a case study

    He and I sat down to share some of his best tips, techniques, and tactics.

  • The ultimate 1-page cheat sheet

    You’ll never wonder “what the heck should I really be eating?” after following this simple guide.

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    Have a question about the principles in the book? I’m here if you don’t know where to start.

1 Hour Course on 7 Success Habits

  • Essential Success Habits

    The exact daily habits I’ve profiled in over 100+ successful health and weight loss case studies.

  • Intuitive Portion Control & Eating

    A few simple habits you can practice daily to know how much to eat – without calorie counting

  • The Exact Steps To Start - And Keep - Habits

    Find yourself starting, then stopping, and starting again, sometimes over decades? Here’s how to end the vicious cycle of yo yo dieting.

Now Available On Amazon